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Interview: NECROT

Anlässlich ihres Debütalbums "Blood Offerings" stellten sich die drei Herren von NECROT einem Interview mit Rebecca Catlett, das wir hier im englischen Original wiedergeben.

(C) David Torturdød / NECROT Logo / Zum Vergrößern auf das Bild klickenNECROT is a three-piece Death Metal outfit from Oakland, California, USA. They started in 2011 as a two-piece with their drummer, Chad Gailey (RUDE, ATRAMENT, MORTUOUS), and bassist Luca Indrio (VASTUM, ACEPHALIX) on guitars and bass. They later added guitarist Sonny Reinhardt in 2012 (SAVIOURS, WORD SALAD, WATCH THEM DIE). NECROT has released three demos and a compilation record since their birth, until this year when they released their first full album, "Blood Offerings", which has grown in the charts. We sat down with Chad, Luca and Sonny to talk about the record, their band, and their tours.

Rebecca: So tell the readers a little bit about your sound.

Luca: I think we kinda sound like early GRAVE, MORBID ANGEL, early SEPULTURA, a little bit of DEATH.
Sonny: I like to put a little IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST in all my solos. Classic modern. But yeah otherwise I agree.

Rebecca: Who`s your favorite underground band that the readers may not know about?

Chad: That would probably be FETID. Definitely surprised me when we played two shows with them in February. Killer Death Metal from Seattle.
Sonny: I second FETID as sick underground Death Metal that`s happening right now. Good filthy, tasty stuff with nasty in all the right places.

Rebecca: So you guys are compared to BOLT THROWER all the time. Have you noticed it, what do you think about it?

Chad: It`s not a bad comparison. It`s similar to "Realm Of Chaos" but "Realm Of Chaos" is more straight forward and shorter. Our songs on this album we move around a lot more. Yeah its straightforward and there some BOLT THROWER elements, but it`s not a constant attack. If it was compared to any album, it would be to "Warmaster". If people really know bolt thrower. I feel like this album we sound like GRAVE, BOLT THROWER, and CELTIC FROST. Some parts sound like BREATHING MACHINE.

Rebecca: How has it been playing in the San Francisco Bay Area? What has the scene been like for you as NECROT?

Chad: The Bay Area has been pretty receptive to NECROT. When we play live there are usually a good amount of people there to see us. A lot of people are really supportive of what we`re doing.
Luca: Being a part of the Bay Area metal scene is something I am proud of.

Rebecca: Then let`s talk about your record! Who did your cover art?

Chad: Marald van Haasteram. He did a shirt design for BOLT THROWER. I just always wanted him to do some art work for some band I was involved with. Ever since I saw some covers he did. It was obvious. I was the one who reached out to him first. He was the one who said ,You send me the lyrics and I`ll see if I come up with something you like or not`, and Luca sent him the lyrics. We`re really happy with it.

Rebecca: So let`s talk about the differences between your last release and this one. Luca, you were the writer on "The Labyrinth", but on "Blood Offerings" you had Sonny recording with you. What was the recording and writing process like?

Luca: This time it as different because we had Sonny. It was kind of like recording "The Abyss", which was our last tape before we rereleased our tapes as "The Labyrinth". Sonny was able to add to the songs in both cases before the songs were recorded and that developed the sound. And on the first two, the songs were already recorded when he came in so he couldn`t add or change it too much. But on the "The Abyss" I wrote the riffs and we worked the songs out in the studio together and Sonny was there adding to it before it was recorded and finished. The writing process was similar for "Blood Offerings", but Sonny also wrote a song entirely that`s on there.
Sonny: Yeah Luca comes up with the main riffs and structure of the songs and then Chad and I come in and learn everything and then add our flair and solos and continue after that.

Rebecca: Your whole record sounds really clean. Who mixed and mastered your album and how was that experience?

Luca: Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer and Brad Boatwright at Audiosiege.  I just like how Brad`s stuff sounds, that`s why we went with him this time.
Chad: Usually when you go with Greg it`s pretty obvious to go with Brad.
Luca: Yeah we went with him for VASTUM and it turned out great, we were happy with it. It`s a big contrast from our first stuff because they were two song tapes, that stuff sounds more punk too I guess because of the recording.
Sonny: I think the sound change also had to do with where Greg was at during the time we recorded "The Abyss" versus "Blood Offerings". He mentioned to me at least that he had new tricks up his sleeve, I`m not exactly sure. I think it could be part of it.
Chad: Also we recorded the first demo with Jeff. So of course it`s gonna sound different. And those were the first two songs we ever wrote.
Luca: Yeah the first demo we had recorded and mixed within an afternoon. So big difference from that to Greg.
Chad: Maybe even two days. "The Abyss"and this album took two months each because of scheduling.

Rebecca: So what`s the story with the hi-hats on this record?

Chad: Yeah..
Sonny: Yeah, Chad fucked up and had to redo some stuff.
Chad: Oh man, I thought that these bigger hi-hats would sound better, but you can`t play fast on them for me at least. I had to scrap three songs and redo them. I feel like it sounds better with these normal 14`s. These other hi-hats were broken too, there`s a chip in the middle of it and there was a piece that was just levitating in there, and you can hear it resonated a little extra. It wasn`t a bad sound, but I wanted something clean. The only thing I don`t like about the master is that the snare is not as loud. But that`s because everything`s mixed in the middle, all the other instruments. Other people have told me in some parts of the record you can`t hear it at all. But I`m happy with it.

Rebecca: What has the response been like on the record?

Sonny: I was super surprised by all of the support, it`s been great.
Luca: Well I think the album is great! I wasn`t worried.
Chad: Yeah, so far so good. I mean you never know what to expect, but everything has been really positive so far. I think there`s only been one bad review that I`ve seen, and still it wasn`t even super bad. I don`t know, maybe Scotty from Tankcrimes is hoarding all the bad reviews, haha.

Rebecca: What are your favorite moments on the new record?

Sonny: I really like the production as a whole. The way the drums came out and the guitars and bass sound massive. My favorite moment for me personally is probably the solos on "Empty Hands". I like the end of "Blood Offerings" too. And that break on "Shadows And Light” rules like a box of hammers falling on your head.
Chad: "Layers Of Darkness" is my favorite moment for sure. The whole song is pretty powerful for me. Sonny`s MORBID ANGEL solos at the end of "Blood Offerings" are another killer moment. "Shadows and Light" is also another great song on the record.

Rebecca: Let`s transition to your tours. When did you decide to do the full US tour? Before or after the record was released?

Sonny: We knew we were gonna do the tour, whether it was a full US or not was still undecided. When we toured with PHRENELITH this Winter, David mentioned that UNDERGANG was coming out with a new record too, so he suggested we do a full US tour.
Chad: They`re the ones that brought it up actually.
Sonny: Vinny-Bo with Signature Riff booked our tour. It`s gonna be a lot of driving.

Rebecca: Yeah it looks like it! Let`s talk about the European tour. Everyone here is a veteran of touring Europe. Who did you decide to go with for bookers and what are your goals?

Sonny: Yeah, I lost count of how many times I`ve been touring Europe, haha.
Luca: Well we went with Agipunk and Doomstar. Mostly Doomstar.
Sonny: Yeah Mila from Agipunk is going to be driving, so that`ll be cool. We wanted to just get out there ya know?
Luca: Yeah and Doomstar is a pretty metal.
Chad: I`ve also been told Doomstar is more of a stoner doom booking agency.
Sonny: I mean "Doomstar".
Chad: Yeah it`s in the name.
Sonny: I was kind of hoping that some shows would be mixed with punk but I think it`ll be all kinds of stuff. We`ll probably play with bands that sound like ISIS and CAVE IN one night and the next night we`ll play with bands that sound like German dads playing Polka meets the SCORPIONS, I mean who knows.  It`ll be fun.

Rebecca: I think that`s a great way to do it, because a lot of bands will book just big festivals or just black metal shows for example, and then they miss out on the audience variety.

Sonny: This is our first time in Europe. We don`t expect it to be perfect, but we are playing some cool festivals and shows. Getting out there is the important part.
Chad: We`re also playing in the same month that BLOOD INCANTATION and SPECTRAL VOICE are touring Europe too so I don`t know exactly if we`ll be playing the same shows or what.
Sonny: I think we might meet up with them in the UK but otherwise I think we`re going in different directions.
Luca: Yeah we`ll play Belgium and then head down to Spain and they`re going to Copenhagen, so different parts of Europe. Some shows may overlap though.
Chad: We`re both playing the Graveland festival and that`s at the beginning of the tour.

Rebecca: Do you have any shows or festivals you`re looking forward to playing? Either on your US or Europe tours?

Sonny: The show in Chicago should be really cool! I`m excited for that.

Rebecca: With CIANIDE?

Sonny: Yeah, that should be big. There`s a bunch of great lineups on this tour, really. San Diego, Phoenix, LA, Albuquerque, Austin, New Orleans, New York, I mean they`re all gonna be good.

Rebecca: That`s already half the tour!

Chad: Yeah, haha. Denver should be really cool too. We`re excited for all of it. I think Seattle is going to be really good too.

Rebecca: Anything to add to new listeners in Europe that haven`t listened to you yet?

Sonny: Come out to the shows!
Chad: Yeah come see us, we want you to see us and we want to see you!

# # # Rebecca Catlett # # #


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